About Us

Nobody really cares about window shoppers. They loiter, they try on things and ask loads of questions but they never make a purchase. But has anyone ever asked – since they didn’t walk into the shop naked, where are they buying their clothes from?

Window shoppers are in fact shoppers. The problem is they are just not buying from you.

Copy Briccs is a content marketing agency that does exactly that – we market contentment.

Our goal is to make every customer (past, present and future) you have content/happy. We accomplish this by diving in with you, understanding your business, being sold on your vision and having an intimate understanding of your buyers. We then devise a content strategy that appeals to them; one that will make them exceedingly happy.

The only type of content we create are the ones that add real, tangible, measurable value to your customers. No fluff, no keyword bragging, just real, good content.

Great content will help you connect with your web and social media visitors in a new and reassuring way that lets them know you care about them and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy.

By nailing this strategy down, window shoppers will become your shoppers.

A few of the things we handle are:

  • content marketing strategy
  • social media strategy
  • website landing pages
  • blogs and articles
  • infographics
  • product descriptions
  • newsletters
  • content for marketing materials
  • social media posts

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